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But I’m getting the service for free…
Nothings free – you are paying with YOUR personal data.

Up to 50 million user accounts may have been compromised and taken over by cyberattackers.

Be ahead of the curve, know what your children are using these days and the latest apps.


Children Safety

The risks of social media and how to be safe around your children.

Kids are always going to be online! What can we do about it?

How can parents discuss social media? Do you know the latest apps for teens?

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Zaheer Barber

Helping you stay safe online.
My working life has been Digital Marketing and am really keen to connect and share my understanding with Advertising with safety. 

Akhra Amin

Making education safe. Empower your children and tool to research and improve there knowledge but make sure they are safe and understand they online dangers.

Joe Kelly Muldom


But am getting that Digital service for free…..

It’s not free, your paying with YOUR personal data.
Whats worth more to you?


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Group of friends who want to make the Internet safer for Businesses and Parents.


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To make Digital safety for everyone. From getting your business GDPR friendly, and what it means. To helping you understand how to be safe with your little ones.

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