I have two young children, I am trying to keep them safe when using digital devices. I want to help you understand the value of Digital Safety.

The Legal Side of Digital Security

With all our digital devices, we are being followed digitally and recorded. With a collection of this data profiles are created.

The Advertising Side of Digital Security

Why are we shown a specific type of ad? How is it able to follow us around? Are my conversations being recoreded?

The Safety Side of Digital Security

How do we keep our families digitally safe? what are the latest apps and websites? Are they safe for my children?


Most frequent questions and answers

Complex, long passwords are better, but they’re only useful in certain 


No. No operating system is immune to cyber threats and cyber attacks. The idea of apple products being immune is a myth and you shouldn’t rely on it to keep your data secure.

Properly educate yourself about cyber security. Read our blogs.

To make your passwords really hard to guess, generate random character strings–there aren’t any patterns that can make these easier to find.



As easy as it is to log into public WI-FI, it is as easy to hack into it. Be careful, try your best to not add passwords whilst connected to Public WI-FI.

Our experts

As a qualified barrister, I would love to share and help with my insights from a lawyer’s point of view.


When is it a breach of data? Let’s look into it and find out.

Zaheer Barber

Helping you stay safe online.
My working life has been Digital Marketing and am really keen to connect and share my understanding with Advertising with safety. 

Akhra Amin

Making education safe. Empower your children and tool to research and improve there knowledge but make sure they are safe and understand they online dangers.

Joe Kelly Muldom


“But I’m getting that digital service for free…..”

It’s not free, you’re paying with YOUR personal data.
What’s worth more to you?


About us

Group of friends who want to make the Internet safer for Businesses and Parents.


Our mission

Give you the tools & knowledge to be safe online.

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